At AustGrade Swim School Mascot, we have varying levels of classes to suit all levels of swimming knowledge. Out highly trained staff can assess your child’s current swimming ability and provide guidance on the best classes to nurture and improve their overall swimming ability. Below is information on each of the swimming levels currently available.


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• Aged 2-4 months
• Bonding with Mum or Dad in the water each lesson
• No prior skills required
• Introduction to water

Time: 30 minutes



• Aged 4-18 months
• Bonding with Mum or Dad in the water each lesson
• Babies who may have a small amount of water and swimming experience to swimming babies who are quite comfortable and agile in the water

Time: 30 minutes

   Box Jelly


• Aged 18 months – 3 years
• Group class of 7
• Swimming kids with independent mobility
• Bonding with Mum or Dad in the water — toddler swimming lessons
• Basic mobility and breath control skills
• Learning to paddle

Time: 30 minutes

  Platypus (water safety class beginner)


• Independent beginner swimmers
• Small group class of 3
• Can swim without a parent in the water
• Basic understanding of water
• May not have had lessons before
• Getting water safe
• Learning survival skills
• Kicky toes

Time: 30 minutes

  Kookaburra (water safety advance)


• Confident beginner swimmers
• Small group class of 3
• Learning torpedos on front and back
• Learning freestyle arm and backstroke arm
• Kicking with board
• Mini dives

Time: 30 minutes

Possums (intermediate)


• Small group class of 3
• Capable of swimming 10 metres unassisted
• Learning to breath on freestyle
• Backstroke
• Dives

Time: 30 minutes

Magpies (advanced intermediate)


• Introducing breaststroke arm and kick
• Butterfly kick
• Dives
• Group of 4

Time: 30 minutes



• Learning to swim breaststroke and butterfly
• Dives
• Tumble turns
• Group of 4

Time: 30 minutes

Dingoes (Mini Squad)


The swimmer is able to swim 25 meters maintaining a good technique in all four competitive strokes. (flippers are required)

Group of 8

Time: 30 minutes