Our Community

We pride ourselves on our active community involvement. We encourage all of our instructors and staff to take an active interest in their community.


We host a variety of community events throughout the year, as well as supporting our local schools. 

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Philosophy & Mission

We believe that swimming lessons should be something that is fun, enjoyable, and will provide a much needed life skill.

Our aim is to be the best Learn to Swim centre in Australia, with excellence in customer service.

Our Centre. Our Family. Our Community

Here at AustGrade we pride ourselves on our strong sense of community, our instructors are all active community members. When you join AustGrade you become a part of our AustGrade family. All our classes are catered to the specific development stages of your child, no child is too young or too old.

What We Offer

School Program

Water safety is a skill for life. In support of our local community we have partnered up with local schools to provide their learn to swim programs.

Students and staff all get involved in these lessons as we deliver an intensive program to best improve the children’s skills.

Intensive Programs

Water Safety

We provide various intensive programs focusing on water safety. Terms and conditions apply.

Holiday Programs

These holiday programs are often a series of intense lessons providing a strong reinforcement of skills learned. Terms and conditions apply.

Community Events

Stay tuned to our facebook and instagram pages as we frequently update our social media with any events we may be hosting.

Wider Community

As a part of a growing community we are always looking for future opportunities. If you would like to partner with us, or if you have something to say, we want to hear it. Contact us now.

Classes all year round

We ensure our pool is heated to at least 32 degrees all year round. This means you can join with the comfort knowing that your child can continue their development all year round.  Our program ensures a friendly learn to swim environment from day one, and we offer additional intensive programs throughout the year. 

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Helping Your Child Develop, Learn, & Grow

At AustGrade we provide the highest quality service with structured lessons to achieve a fast and stable progression for each and every child. We take your children into our centre as if they are our own and every achievement is an achievement for us too. We pride ourselves on our good communication, cleanliness, and development through continuous assessment.

We strive to have the most wholesome learn to swim program in Australia with an evidence based structured program.